Bail Bonds FAQ

Getting into a little bit of a rift with the law and requiring bail to be released from jail can get you or loved ones asking questions. It can be a stressful time, and understanding the ins and outs can help alleviate some of that stress. For people needing bail for the first time, the questions that need an answer are many. Not knowing who to turn to get answers can add additional frustration and increase anxiety.

ASAP Bail Bonds answer the most common frequently asked questions to help the bail bond process in Greater Phoenix, Arizona proceed smoother

1. What is bail?
Bail is a process that enables an arrested person to be released from jail and gain their freedom pending the resolution of their case. The Eighth Amendment requires bail to not be excessive. The bail amount is determined based upon the reasonable amount necessary to keep a person accused of a crime from fleeing before returning to court at the appointed time. If the accused skips bail or flees, additional charges will be added, along with additional penalties.
2. What is collateral?
Collateral is required to secure the value of the bond and needed to obtain a surety bond. Collateral for the outstanding bail bond amount can include nearly anything of resale value that is equal to the bond amount, such as; cars, houses, and boats for larger bond amounts. However smaller items can sometimes also be used for smaller bond amounts, for example; cameras, jewelry, computers, or firearms.
3. What is the difference between cash bonds and surety bonds?
A surety bond is essentially a promissory note in the value of the bond. A cash bond is backed by real cash money. Some judges will specify a cash only bond as they often see this as a lesser flight risk.
4. How is bail posted?
Most bail bond companies will walk you through the paperwork, payment and process of posting bail and answer any questions you have along the way. After the necessary arrangements are made the bail bond company will post the bond with the relevant court and law enforcement begins the release.
6. How soon can I get my loved one released from jail?
Generally, the bond paperwork takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It could take longer if there are multiple charges or other circumstances. In most cases, the defendant can expect to be released within 12 hours after the bond is posted.
7. What do I do if I was arrested in Arizona but do not live there?
This scenario happens more frequently than you might guess, no matter where you or the person posting bail on your behalf lives, we can help get you bail posted.
8. What info do I need to give the bail bond company?
ASAP Bail Bonds will ask you basic identifying questions about the person in custody. The more information you have the quicker it will be to complete the bond.
You will need to let us know the following for a speedier process:
– The arrested person’s full legal name.
– The arrested person’s date of birth.
– The county, city, and state where the person is being held in jail at.
– The booking number of the arrest person.
– All the charges being made.
– The amount of bail.

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If you or a loved one is in need of posting bail, trust in ASAP Bail Bonds. Our expertise and experience can quickly and efficiently get your loved one released from jail. We can help you through the bail bond process and answer any questions you have. Call us as soon as possible to get the process going!